Wireless Semiconductors including General Purpose Amplifiers, Cellular PA's, GaN design services, GaN power devices, Front End Modules, Quadrature Mod/Demod, Mixers, Switches,ASM's for Tranceivers, CATV, Bluetooth, WLAN & GPS. SAW/BAW filters and Duplexers.

Coaxial Connectors: Series BNC, TNC, N, UHF, Mini-UHF, FME, QLS, SMA, SMB/SMC/SMS, SSMB, MCX, MMCX, SMP, 1.6/5.6, 7-16, R-TNC, R-SMA, R-BNC, F, Adapter, pH, UMTC, Coaxial Cables. CAT5 cable and Connetors.

Semi Rigid and Formable coaxial cables and assemblies Extreme flexibility and greatly
extended mechanical parameters. Each series of cable offers uniquely favorable electrical characteristics.Type your paragraph here.

Ducommun is a key partner with leading OEM’s and primes, having been chosen for our unique, comprehensive understanding of electro-mechanical and RF principles. If it’s a standard off-the-shelf, in-stock, coaxial switch, waveguide-to-coax adapter or a highly customized ruggedized switch or millimeter wave product, Ducommun can provide you products to solutions.

MAST Technologies is a global innovator and manufacturer of RF absorbers, microwave absorbers, radar absorbing materials, EMI solutions and high temperature coatings. MAST is a customer driven organization that prides itself on the ability to offer prompt and effective solutions from product selection through post sale support. MAST technologies' products are used by many of the world's largest OEMs in industries from consumer electronics, military vehicles, military electronics, automotive, telecommunications, space instrumentation, wireless communication and medical devices.

Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs, SAW Filters, SAW Oscillators, Clock & Data Recovery Products, & Sensors. Rhubidium standards, GPS disciplined oscillators.

RF coaxial microwave cable, triaxial microwave cable, high power microwave cable assemblies, twisted pair and bundled assemblies, multi-conductor wire and cable, high temperature PTFE hookup wire and dielectric cores, RF connectors and adapters. Available in 50 and 75 Ohms.

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